Sunday, 15 September 2013

chapter IX - going under

Debt. If you live with a Poker Player you're very familiar with the term. So far, during the 6 years of our relationship, I've lended him money on several occasions and got in debt with him in one. Somehow I always trusted it would be different, that he would end up reaching his goals and paying me as he promised. But he's been using me as if I were a bank account, a no limit credit card. Let's see...

I paid for his new computer with my credit card (he didn't have one at the time) and agreed he would pay me monthy the ammount I was paying the bank (in about 10 times). He stopped paying me after 3 or 4 months. I paid for his first suit, so he could go work at the bank - his grandmother paid me back later on. I lended him a thousand dollars and had him sign a piece of paper promising he would pay me back within a few months, I believe we agreed on 6 months - he never kept his word. And on a day to day basis, as I told you before, I paid for everything in half, even if that meant I was paying more than my fair share - for instance, imagine we went out to dinner, I'd eat a 5 dollar burger and he'd eat a 15 dollar plate of ribs...  I'd pay 10 dollars, instead of only 5.

So it would be imaginable that, by the time he came back to me and started "dreaming" again, exactly one year ago, I would have some sense in my mind... but no. Last summer he started talking about a new poker strategy he could pursue in PokerStars that would grant him 5 or 6 thousad dollars guaranteed by the end of 2013: rakeback.

As he explained it to me, PokerStars has rakeback levels, which means that the more often you play, the higher your level goes and after reaching a certain level (SuperNova he said) you would get tons of money regardless of what you won or lost at the tables - you'd get it just from playing there. His goal was to achieve the SuperNova level next year (2013) and by December make an extra 6 thousand dollars or something. All this, while still being able to withdraw like 800 dollars every month to pay for his expenses. All he needed was 5 thousand dollars to play as often as he possibly could.

My initial reaction was saying no, showing him how he never honoured his word and that was why he was so alone in the world. He said (of course) this time was different, it was guaranteed, and if he didn't make it with 5 thousand dollars he was never gonna make it. I had about 15 thousand dollars left from my inheritance and I figured this would be my last effort to help him out. He said this was his chance to really get the money flowing and for us to finally have a normal life and think about building a family. He also said that he could pay me back when he got his inheritance (when his grandmother dies... geez). 

So I agreed, but this time I took it a bit further and asked a lawyer to put it all on paper. I now have a signed legal contract saying he has to pay me back my money by the end of 2013, or when he receives his inheritance. Not only the 5 thousand he asked me, but all of it, which is about 8 thousand dollars. If he doesn't, I can sue him.

Now that I think about it, it's making me feel sick. Even owing me 3 thousand dollars from before (which include all the money I lended him in 4 years), and still owing like 4 or 5 thousand to the bank, he was still able to believe his ridiculous fantasy enough to take another giant loan from me. And I was still able to believe this time would be different. 

Now I know it's never going be be different. He will never win big time at the tables and he will never keep his word regarding business or money. I will not lend him another dime in my life, so help me God.


  1. if its just a boyfriend feel free to leave if u want. but if thats a husband, u are supposed to share all the money and bills. But he should be fair, if i go out to eat i and someone else is paying for my meal (like my good friend lightning) i always order the cheapest thing on the dollar menu all the time, seldom ever spend over $5-6 on meals. its only polite. i fully understand the need for a large roll or backing arrangement to be able to grind out enough to survive at poker. sure would like to know if this Josh is someone i know i know some players in vegas named Josh. if someone is broke, its wasteful to buy a new computer, i have the same piece of shit laptop ive had for years, and the battery is so bad i cant even use it without it plugged in constantly. but i wouldnt think of replacing it when money is much more badly needed on other things. Lots of people think i wont win big at the tables either, but i havent been given enough upfront to test the theory seriously. ive won overall, my haters only want to count the last 2 years and not the previous 10. selective viewing in their favor instead of mine.

    1. I agree, actually he wanted a new computer to play Starcraft... and his laptop was going to hell, so I agreed on helping him with that :x he has matured over the years, I (want to) belive that now he wouldn't ask for a computer for the same childish reasons.

  2. Dear Andrea.
    Please read Tony Bigcharles blog before you engage in chatter with him.
    Your a Tony Bigcharles in the making.
    Cut ties to both as quickly as you can, start running....keep running and never look back.


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