Tuesday, 10 September 2013

chapter IV - troubles ahead

The whole point of quitting his job and dedicating himself to poker was to try and get sponsored by Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars or something. This was Josh's first goal (should I say fantasy?) that he eventually dropped and moved on to the next. His goals always seemed pretty realistic, until we saw he wasn't going to make it. Every single time.

After a few months he decided to take a loan so he could play higher stakes and, supposedly, win more money. Since he didn't have a job and no guarantees whatsoever, I was the one who had to step in with the Bank. We took a joint 10 thousand dollar loan, that he has to pay monthly (like 125 dollars) for 6 years. This meant opening a joint account in my Bank and represented the first rope around my neck, which proceeded to tighten.

After taking the loan we went on vacations and he spent much of it, convincing himself he was entitled to have a "normal", one month vacation (WTF), which means he just stopped playing poker for that period of time. 

When he got back to playing he had a really long bad run and lost almost everything. Basically the loan money went straight to hell and he's still paying for it every month.

Speaking of Hell, that's where he was heading to the following months.


  1. Hmmm,
    I'd like a nice long "normal" one month vacation too....

    I like his logic

  2. Poker is tough to make a living at not only because of bankroll management but hard work is necessary just like any other goal oriented facets of life, your boyfriend sounds lazy and self entitled. Anyway I will continue to read the rest of your blog i hope it gets better. I just felt like i had to comment on this particular post so far. (I play for a living in case you were wondering)

    1. Thank you for reading. If you also play poker for a living, maybe you could get a look at his stats (I published them on the post: "calling his bluff") and give me your opinion on his potential as a professional poker player... If that even is possible, because I don't know how helpful are the stats to create a realistic image of him as a player.

  3. Andrea, just started reading your blog. I can't say as to what type of husband he truly is, but I can say as to what type of poker player he is: he's a loser. Your HM stats show that he's -$2236.78 over 3716 games. Check out sharkscope.com for more info. Grinding $7 SNG's (sit n go's) at this point in his poker career is not indicative of success. A minimum wage job would pay more than this. You may be disillusioned by what type of husband he is, and perhaps by what type of poker player, too.


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