Saturday, 14 September 2013

chapter VIII - a changed man?

Hello there, so today I'm going to tell you how my relationship changed after Josh realised I was the only person who really cared for him, since he was sent to live in another state after being rejected by all of his friends and family, who saw him as a money leech.

When he came back, he was very different and continued to mature along the way. He treated me with respect, appreciated me, supported and cheared me up when I was feeling low, helped more around the house and even did a few romantic things from time to time. He cooked, surprised me with a watch for my birthday, took me places, you name it. Our relationship improved a lot. The only thing that didn't change was, unfortunatelly, his "job". The root of all evil so to speak.

He stopped playing at Full Tilt Poker because that was the summer when they closed the site. Yeah, so he was alone in another state for 2 months without a dime in his pocket because they froze his FTP account... I guess that must have been hard and also an eye-opener for him. He survived with the help of his grandmother and a friend lended him 500 bucks to start him off at Poker Stars. 

Anyway, he came back and that's when our life became more... decent, but that was also when he became totally dependent on me without even seeing it. We went back to the "I pay, you'll pay me back whenever possible" thing, but this time he was doing  more regular payments to my account. Still, every month he would have like 400 or 500 dollars expenses written down, that he had to pay me, and of course sometimes he didn't pay the whole ammount and started accumulating debt.

We started living a lie and I'm only realising it now. He was conviced (and me as well) that he had a good life, when in reality he was still making pennies at poker and living well only thanks to my help, my "margin" as he calls it. We went out for dinner lots of times a week, parties with friends, went to the movies... we did whatever we wanted (within reason).

And this is where we found ourselves today, two years later: at the exact same point we were when the big break-up happened, with the difference that there are no female friends, no stupid soccer matches and a much more stable and strong bond between the two of us. Even after FTP came back and he got his money back (like a thousand dollars), that wasn't enough. Not to mention he had another "goal" (fantasy) along the way and I ended up lending him a large, large sum of money that he was supposed to double ("easily!") and of course that never happened either.

Will tell you all about it on my next post. Thank you and keep strong, Poker Wives.

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