Friday, 12 September 2014

new business

Hello everyone, a comment in my previous post was enough reason for me to update the blog. Finally I feel like this wasn't a total waste of time! Someone read it and related. My therapist advised me to stop writing because it was completely useless and most comments were destructive and dumb, hence my silence. But here I am for a quick update!

Josh has mostly stopped playing Poker. He's been focusing on his antique business and things are looking good. Only looking good, not being good actually (yet, I hope) because it's only been a few months. He started his own antique shop with a friend who already sells exclusive clothes (well, exclusive here, brands like Armistice, Rest of the World, Vans, Supra, Akomplice, etc), they created a whole new concept together of exclusive clothes + art pieces and the store looks great. It's a physical store, not online, in a very popular place in our town, with a lot of tourists and people walking around. So.. the prospects are good, but they aren't selling millions just yet.

Anyway it was definitely a step forward for him, he's now a "normal" citizen, paying taxes and all, he even has his own Visa machine and everything (I'm very impressed hehehe) like a real business man. Jokes aside, it's been good for him and for me, because I've been less stressed and more hopeful.

He went back to playing Poker this week, because the antique business doesn't bring money in every week and we have bills to pay, it's only an alternative source of income for now (which I'm hoping will become his main source of income). So... he went back to Poker Stars but hasn't been having much luck, from what I see, but I haven't been paying much attention to it, I confess. He told me he has a new strategy, but I don't know what it is (and I must say it scares me a bit every time he comes up with a new strategy, it's more like a new way to keep wasting money).

Oh well... that's it for the news, hopefully this blog will become less and less about poker and more about how we turned our life around.

Hope everything is ok with you guys, see you soon.



  1. Best of luck, Andrea! Hope it all turns out well.


  2. Good News. how is my dog,Frankie????????

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  4. I came upon your blog today and read almost everything you had to say. My marriage has fallen apart and I have no one to confide in. Online poker has taken such a toll on us that we are on life support. I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your experience has touched someone's life who is also going through many of the same things. Hope things are still looking up for you.

    1. Dear Vera, I'm very sad to hear you are going through this.

      Since I don't know exactly what's going on, I'm unsure of the advice I should give you. First, it's important to know if your husband has a gambling addiction or is more like Josh - an irresponsible and immature man who believed Poker could work as a job for him (one in which he isn't particularly good and is sometimes too lazy to pursue).

      If your husband has a gambling problem, I think you need to look for help, maybe in support groups in your community for addicts and codependents, or with a therapist that specializes in codependency.

      If he's just being a kid, it will be easier: just let him deal with the consequences of his actions, DO NOT help him financially (this can be extremely difficult, if you are like me, but please, for your future, try) and do not interfere with his decisions. The sooner he realizes he's ultimately alone in this world (as we all are) and has to take care of himself, the better.

      But if you want some further advice, feel free to share your full story here, or send me an email to . If you do,please comment here after emailing me, so I get a notification on my usual email account (because I barely ever visit the wivesofpoker mail and wouldn't want to leave you without an answer).

      Best of luck and stay strong, every problem has a solution :)


  5. Thanks for your response. Sent you my story.

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